Who is behind the story of Shinachiku Kosen?

A team of people who just love NaruSaku

Shinachiku Kosen is a collaborative effort between NaruSaku fandom artists, writers and editors. A project that is made out of love for the pairing. Our own way to give the NaruSaku community something in return for still holding a light on to Naruto and Sakura. After so many years.

Why Shinachiku? Because to us he symbolizes rebirth. Back then, when the ending happened NaruSaku fandom was considered dead.

And while we should’ve been, we took our grief and turned it into something else. We transmuted it into creation. Because love is creation. So instead of succumbing to the darkness of those days, we did something better. We created Shinachiku.

Of course, many years have passed since then and lots of us left the fandom, for many reasons. But few of us are still here. So we gathered our forces and here we are today, preparing to share with you our love for what Naruto and Sakura meant to us in the form of Shinachiku Kosen project.

All we ask in return is patience. Because we’re mere humans, with no support other than the one we offer to each other, with working jobs and real lives outside this project. So, yes, the frequency of the content might not be as constant as the one you get from a full-blown studio.

We hope you can understand this while we work to bring to you pieces of our heart and soul. All of which we’re putting into this project.

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