There are various small differences between Shinachiku Kosen and the canon Naruto series. Below are a few lore reminders, changes, and additions to keep in mind. Stay tuned for an all inclusive TIMELINE that will detail the course of history in Shinachiku Kosen.


Formal shinobi training is restricted

Children cannot be officially enlisted as a shinobi until they are at least 15 years of age and pass various physical and mental examinations by their mentor.

Madara is the final villain

Madara is the final villain of 4th Shinobi war. When he is defeated, infinite tsukuyomi dissipates and the trapped bijuu divide once more.

Kaguya does not exist

Kaguya, her history, and the lore related to her does not exist.

“Karma” does not exist

“Karma” and any lore related to it does not exist in this universe.

Otsutsuki do not exist

The legend of Otsutsuki who descended from the moon does not exist. There is currently no plans to use the original Eastern Asian myth about rabbits who live on the moon. Read more here.

Hyuuga Neji lives

Neji is not killed in the 4th Shinobi World. Hiashi, Hinata’s father, takes his place. It is the responsibility of the old generation to take responsibility for their wrong doings and help the new generation succeed. Even at the cost of their life.

Maito Gai is a legend

Maito Gai’s, at the cost of his life, deals a permanent blow of Madara leading to his final defeat by Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke are not gods

After Madara and Zetsu’s are defeated, the borrowed power Naruto and Sasuke used fades away. Naruto loses 6 Paths and Sasuke loses Rinnegan

Chuunin Exams are friendlier competition

Chuunin exams are a test of non lethal skill and abilities more similar to the Olympics or a sports tournament. Lethal use of force against another person is expressly forbidden.

Emphasis on war is waning

All children must complete basic non-shinobi related education or learn a trade outside of shinobi arts, a new rule implemented by the shinobi alliance.

Kosen is not a retelling of canon

Kosen is not a retelling of canon with slight changes. Many events, such as ‘The Last’, ‘Blank Points’, ‘Gaiden’, and the novels did not occur in Kosen.

The Last does not happen

Naruto and Sakura get together during the “SECRET TITLE” arc. More information about it will be revealed soon.

Tsunade remains Hokage

Although Kakashi’s role in Konoha’s affairs increases after the war, Tsunade remains Hokage until Naruto succeeds her about 6~ years later.

Mei remains Mizukage

Terumī Mei, the fifth Mizukage, remains Mizukage well into the Kosen storyline. She has not yet named a successor.

No whiskers

Shinachiku, Hanami, and Arashi will not have Naruto’s whiskers because they are not genetic. The writing team has come up with different unique ways to show the reader they are Naruto’s children.