Note: EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. As new questions are frequently asked, more answers will be provided.
Last updated: July 5th, 2021

Q: What is the format of the Shinachiku Kosen project? Is it anime, manga or both?

A: Shinachiku Kosen is NOT an anime, nor does it completely fall into the category of manga. It’s more like an interactive comic/manga/anime with music, sound effects, and occasional voice acting.

Q: Where can I access it?

A: You will be able to access it here, on our website, as well as on our  YouTube where we’ll be posting other materials such as different videos that are meant to be like openings, endings or promotional material.

Q: What is the plot of this story?

A: The story’s plot revolves around Naruto’s era of peace and how that has affected villages throughout the alliance. A new villain that calls himself the True Fox appears, that tries to break that peace. Shinachiku’s generation will witness how maintaining peace is a continuous task and how easily darkness can return.

Q: Will Hanami and Arashi appear?

A: Yes, both Hanami and Arashi are confirmed characters of the story.

Q: Will old generation characters appear, including Neji Hyuuga?

A: Yes, as we said, this project slightly alters the ending of Naruto and thus Neji Hyuuga is part of the cast along with other old generation characters.

Q: Will you show how Sakura and Naruto became a couple and some family moments?

A: The story will treat the romantic subplot that was abandoned in canon, yes. And given Shinachiku is Naruto and Sakura’s son, yes, there will be scenes that will focus on family moments.

Q: What language will Shinachiku Kosen be in?

A: Although the primary language will be English, we hope to gain assistance in translating Kosen into other popular languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian. When the time comes, we will post more information about helping with translations.